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Poster: adroot02 Date: Jun 1, 2005 11:55am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: best grateful dead show ever?

Yeah finding a best one is pretty subjective but I should tell you that I ran across a very unexpected gem the other night. 06-17-1991 from Giants Stadium is an incredible show with a highly unusual "Eyes" opener. It's just a super solid show. I'm listening to a great cut of "Ship of Fools" from that show now with Hornsby adding some great stuff. So, this is my pick as a great show!! Best ever, well...that all depends but if you're looking for a kick ass show to add, pick it up

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Poster: Jim F Date: Jun 1, 2005 3:35pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: best grateful dead show ever?

I believe there were 2 instances of Pig selling the Brooklyn bridge, 4/17/71 Good Lovin and 4/25, i think, aka the Good Lovin that's on the Ladies and Gentlemen... cd.

I think Dick Latvala once answered the "best show" question with "what year?" That sums it up for me.

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Poster: one-eyedjack Date: Jun 3, 2005 3:49am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: best grateful dead show ever?

No such thing really ... It's like art or the like: an intrinsic and personal preference that is the sum of many factors.

Still, I'd recommend a few of my favorites ...

Thoroughly amazed by 2/27/69 (part became Live Dead) & agree with poster above on 3/1/69 - Staggering sonic masterpieces, and absolute must-haves.

Recently released 4/24/72 is a gem. Great 1st set, very avant-garde Dark Star, and the Wharf Rat is pristine - a mini "religious experience" all in itself.

There is a reason 4/26/72 (100 YR Hall) was the first GD records/Arista release following somewhat limp #1 & #2 "From the Vault" series. Tip-top from Bertha on down. The spectacular Other One with the Clementine-like jam in the middle is an enduring monument to their improvisational synergy and genious! It's followed by the most beautiful Comes a Time and rockin Sugar Magnolia ... Intense Lovelight -> GDTRFB -> Sat. Night to close. Now if only they would re-release it as the complete show instead of all chopped up ...

Sit down with your favorite buzz and take a listen to 11/11/73, especially the second set.

Portland 5/19/74, which is a very fun and lively show - Great China Cat -> Rider among many other things.

Louisville 6/18/74. Slow start to this show, but first set Eyes -> China Doll from 6/18 is probably unsurpassed as "best" Eyes, IMHO. WRS/Let it Grow -> Other One -> Same Thing Jam -> Stella Blue is mindbending/beautiful. Thunderous Tennessee Jed and Sugar Magnolia, & awesome Morning Dew encore, all with Phil dropping "bombs" left and right. Need I say more?

Just about everything in late April into May of 1977 - take your pick! However, I'd single out Dicks Picks 3, 5/22/77, as the most stellar top to bottom: Sugaree, Dancin', Help on the Way -> Slipknot! -> Franklin's Tower & Morning Dew are, to me at least, unmatched. I put this over and above Buffalo, St. Louis, and Cornell (all of which aren't far behind). Again, they need to put DP 3 out as the whole show, not just two disks.

... could continue as there are certainly more, but I like the '70s GD best (even though my first show was in '83), and will stop here.